Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Overcoming Today's Challenges / Corporate Meetings

I have been speaking and performing at corporate events for over 20 years. Powerful and effective corporate training should never be boring. My techniques programs show my audience how to unleash their potential, meet goals, overcome obstacles, and reduce stress. I created the Subconscious Makeover System to help people create positive change in their life through the basic fundamentals of hypnosis.

Everyday, we hear from the media, friends or at the office that these are difficult times. Usually the stress and tension which result from uncertain times, pressures, and deadlines are the next most frequent topics to follow. With so much on our plate, how can we cope with this frustration and uncertainty?

Never before has it been so important to overcome the challenges before us. This is precisely why I my corporate clients a phenomenal way to reduce stress, improve mental well being, and accelerate success.

We must all adapt to change, which is why I’ve adapted my programs to meet the needs of your team during these uncertain economic times. Whether your group consists of 15 people or several hundred, I will personally customize a program to fit your needs and budget, while providing valuable tools your group can begin to use immediately. Depending on your group’s size, this de-stressing / empowerment program can even be done in your company conference room or boardroom. You can read more about my programs at I will continue to post bloggs with relaxation techniques and ways to de-stress.

Ricky Kalmon

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