Thursday, September 17, 2009

iPower Parents - Empowering Parents and Their Children Motivational CD

The Secret of Success for Both Parents and Their Children Captured in Ricky Kalmon’s CD, iPower Parents - Empowering Parents and Their Children

It’s rare that a parenting and self improvement program for children integrate, but a new program by Ricky Kalmon, a sought-after motivational speaker and success coach, includes information to empower parents and provides them with tools they can use to empower their kids. iPower Parents – Empowering Parents and Their Children is a motivational CD developed by Kalmon, which shows parents how an investment in their own personal time can be used in effectively teaching their children lifelong success skills.

Kalmon is a father, motivational speaker, and coach, who used his experience, education, and expertise to create a profound, simple, and incredibly effective way to use the power of suggestion to reduce stress, overcome fears, boost confidence, and increase performance. He is one of the first in the industry to dedicate a program for parents who want to enhance their children’s success and happiness, while giving them practical tools and skills both they and their children can use to produce immediate results.

iPower Parents – Empowering Parents and Their Children has received positive reviews and results from parents and educators. Ricky proves that exposing children to self improvement at an early age encourages a lifetime of learning and maximum success. His CD reveals how to introduce children to the power of suggestion and show them how to use their subconscious to achieve their goals, giving them the amazing gift of self-empowerment.

Kalmon’s motivational program and CD come on the heels of his success as a headline guest entertainer of the Disney Cruise Line, where his family programs have been seen by thousands. What makes Ricky’s programs so unique is not only his ability to appeal to such a wide demographic, but that he actually inspires his audiences to use his techniques. Both kids and parents relate to his key elements as they learn how to use the simple, but very effective, suggestions in his programs to create attention and awareness toward personal growth and self-discovery.

Find out more about Ricky Kalmon’s iPower Parents and Kids program and his new motivational CD at . iPower Parents – Empowering Parents and Their Children can be purchased through his website at

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About Ricky Kalmon: Ricky Kalmon is a Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Coach, Stage Hypnotist, TV Personality, Husband and Dad. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Missouri. He has been a Certified Hypnotherapist since 1993 and is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and member of the National Guild of Hypnotist.

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