Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Corporate Entertainment and Motivational Speaker

#1 Top Most Requested Corporate Entertainment and Motional Speaker

For over two decades, Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon has amazed audiences around the world. An exciting and high energy experience, Ricky’s live shows are the Only Comedy Show Where the Audience Becomes the Stars!® No two shows are alike!!! Millions have watched his hit TV show, Seeing Stars, on the TV Guide Channel and his numerous appearances on Fox, FX, E, and Comedy Central.

Award winning sports teams have been captivated by Ricky’s performances. Among them are the USC Football Team, St. Louis Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Having hypnotized and amazed thousands of people, Kalmon is the number one, most requested hypnotist in the country. His show appeals to all demographics.

Kalmon’s uniqueness comes from the way he combines music, audience participation, and comedy to create an unforgettable show unmatched by anyone. Kalmon’s additional motivational keynote called “The Subconscious Makeover”™, is customized and designed specifically for your group. This motivational empowerment program will inspire and offer compelling, applicable tools for personal and professional development

The Ricky Kalmon Experience…

Let Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon Melt The Ice, Break The Barriers, and Get Your Team Communicating. Kalmon’s programs offer more than just corporate entertainment. Kalmon’s programs offer a Subconscious Makeover system for personal and professional self discovery and improvement!

Program 1

COMEDY HYPNOSIS SHOW - The perfect choice for Corporate Events

  • High energy, enthusiasm, and excitement that last long after the event is over
  • A customized show that powerfully weaves your theme or key concepts into the fun
  • Ice-melting, barrier-dissolving, team-building humor and insight
  • Interactive experiences – always in good taste
  • A motivational message can be added to this program

Program 2 “Unlock the Power Within™” and “The Subconscious Makeover keynote or training program designed to strengthen your organization’s personal and professional growth includes:

  • Understand the Revealed Secrets of the Subconscious Mind
  • Tailor-made program to fit your message and theme of event
  • Learn how to control stress and tension, to perform at your fullest potential
  • Learn to train your subconscious mind to create the mind set you want
  • Awaken and inspire your subconscious mind to affirm and attend to your goals, desire and passions.
  • Creating subconscious awareness promotes self-help and direction for unlimited applications

    • To support this presentation, your attendees will have access to Ricky’s;

§ E-Workbook entitled “Triple Play – Three Things You Can Do Today to De-Stress and Achieve Success,” and

§ 48 motivational emails over the next 2 years to inspire, build confidence, increase value, and promote de-stressing exercises

    • An “Unlock Your Selling Ability” Audio CD and Booklet is available in group packages. Other products available for purchase in group packages:

Depending on your event, both program 1 and 2 can be combined together into one!

This empowering and life-changing event is valuable to everyone. Using his very popular comedy show, Ricky’s introduction to the power of hypnosis has his audiences on the edge of their seat and roaring with laughter. Then, he shows his audience how those same techniques can empower their professional and personal lives and create change which will last a lifetime! The Subconscious Makeover™ System is the only program of its kind which combines audience participation, entertainment, and practical application steps to self achievement as Ricky guides individuals through the greatest makeover they’ll ever experience—the makeover of their subconscious mind!

The Ricky Kalmon Experience

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