Sunday, March 7, 2010

Remove Doubt and Negativity From Your Live. De-Stress and Achieve Success

Remove Doubt and Negativity

From Your Life

To De-Stress and Achieve Success

Life is abundant with opportunities, but in order to take advantage of them, we must learn to open our eyes to the possibilities that are before us. More importantly, once we recognize those new and exciting opportunities, we must believe that they are within our grasp.

We spend so much time making sure our children are confident. We give positive feedback to our friends, family, and coworkers whenever it is deserved. But unfortunately, we neglect to arm ourselves with the same confidence and encouragement we so freely and voluntarily share with others. This is a major obstacle which must be overcome to create happiness, growth, and success.

Negativity is like a disease. It breeds inside our minds, creating even more criticism and a lot of doubt. However, it doesn’t have to be a permanent affliction. We can train ourselves to remove negative thoughts and doubts and replace them with positive words of encouragement, reinforcement and support. To do so, we must be aware of the thoughts and words we feed our subconscious, and consciously strive to replace them with their positive counterparts.

The most successful people in history have admitted that the one thing that attributed to their success was their refusal to believe that they could fail. They refused to entertain the thought that success wasn’t attainable or in their grasp. Instead, they looked at ways to succeed rather than the reasons they might fail. They became experts at positive self talk. It’s been proven that the self-talk we give ourselves is an important component in success. Most people don’t realize how often they use negative words throughout the day. Sign up for me free biweekly motivational emails at and try one Try one of me Self-Empowerment Audio CDs.

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