Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Don’t Have Problems…You Have Challenges

Before one of my motivational keynote programs, I was asked how an individual could use my motivational de-stressing techniques to handle problems differently. As a motivational speaker, one of the key elements that I begin each program with, is to teach my audience that verbal and non-verbal words are hypnotic. Often, our biggest obstacle isn’t the problems we face, but how we perceive them. By changing the way we view obstacles, we can find the motivation and inspiration to overcome them. What we say, think and perceive will change the way we think.

Do you perceive problems negatively, giving them the power to halt your progress, or do you view them as challenges, motivating you to push harder and succeed, in spite of them? The problems we face are temporary setbacks. However, if we allow them to discourage us, they have the power to permanently affect our lives. When we view those problems as challenges, though, we see them in a different light—one that encourages us to develop the skills and find alternate ways to overcome them. A problem makes us give up. A challenge, on the other hand, makes us try harder.

"Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character." ~ Author Unknown

The next time you encounter a problem, look for the hidden value it contains. Then, rise to the challenge and find a way to push through it. Your skills, mindset, and your results will improve dramatically as you bring yourself one step closer to your dreams.

"Understand that it is okay to be scared or uncertain; however, right beyond those barriers ultimately lies your dreams." ~ Josh Hinds

Learning how to increase your motivation and boost your self-confidence will enhance your abilities. By applying my Subconscious Makeover™ techniques to everything you pursue, you’ll find that you have the ability to accomplish anything you desire. My corporate entertainment and motivational keynote programs can be shaped to fit any audience or event. You can request more information by emailing

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  1. We always think that problems are just to us only , instead of facing them and challenging them , we just moves one step back instead of moving towards it. If one understand this concept then there won't be anything difficult for him.

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