Monday, June 21, 2010

Your Mind Will Believe You!

Your Mind Will Believe YOU!

In my motivational keynote I usually ask my corporate audience the following question, “What did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?” When we were young, we weren’t afraid to talk about our dreams and desires. When we were inspired, we told the world! Did you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a rock star. The point I’m trying to make is at what point in life did we stop saying we couldn’t be what we wanted to be? At what part of our life did we stop instilling the beliefs and confidence we had as children? At what part of our lives did we start using negative phrases, like “I can never be as successful…” and “it’s not possible”? By saying to yourself or anyone else that it can’t happen, you are hypnotizing your mind to believe that thought. Your mind will work to make sure you’re right. However, if you tell yourself that it’s possible, and that you can and will be what you want to be, you hypnotize your mind to believe just that! Your mind will go into overdrive to help you accomplish it!

As a motivational speaker, I always remind people the power of telling them to go back to their childhood and tell themselves that they are worthy, capable, and that the world is at their feet. Say it out loud. Share it with people you know. Your mind will believe you! See how it hypnotizes you to the reality you choose.


  1. If this is being a case then I think many people would be ready to do this but still I don't think that there is need to go back to your childhood , if our mind is strong we can prove ourselves now also.

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