Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Corporate Events Take an Active Role in Providing Wellness Programs

By William Sax

Corporate Entertainment and Event Planner

Conventions, sales meetings, conferences, incentive trips, and even client events are getting a makeover. Motivational speakers are a great way to set the tone and create excitement. The current trend is now to offer more take-home value. Ricky Kalmon’s programs offer more than just motivation; they offer alternative ways to reduce stress, empower your mind, and change your internal programming to create overall lifestyle improvements. As heart disease, obesity, stress, and anxiety continue to grow, preventative care should not be considered a luxury, but rather a necessity. Ricky Kalmon’s programs start with corporate entertainment and then lead into wellness programs that will exceed your expectations on every level. Kalmon will not only entertain your audience, but he also teaches and coaches your audience to use his techniques. Based on a simple thought that everyone should hold themselves accountable, Ricky Kalmon empowers his audience to take control of their lives. Ricky Kalmon will teach you how to change bad habits to good habits and become proactive in your preventive health and wellness. Stress can lead to many health, performance and overall mental well-being issues. It can lead to high blood pressure, increase the risk of heart attack, cause lack of sleep, strokes, and result in a decreased immune system. Don’t sit back and think that things will change—create your own change. “Change the Way You Think and You Will Change Your World” is Kalmon’s motto. People invest in homes, cars, and 401Ks, but the most valuable investment they can make is in themselves. The implementation of professional and personal awareness and action should be a prescription for life.

Corporate events are taking an active role and providing wellness programs that offer ways to enhance the way you think, increase happiness, improve the ability to manage your mind and handle things more efficiently and productively. Ricky Kalmon’s programs are powerful tools that provide corporate events with personal and professional development on a higher level than you’ve ever experienced.

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