Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Revealed Secret to Corporate Entertainment for Fortune 500 Companies

What is the Secret to Empowering a Fortune 500 Company?

By William Sax
Corporate Entertainment and Meeting Planner

In today’s fast-paced competitive world, it is essential for businesses to keep employees motivated and happy in order to maintain or increase overall productivity. Corporations across the country have found various meetings, seminars, and conferences to be an effective means of doing this.

Stage Hypnotist and Motivational Speaker, Ricky Kalmon is recognized throughout the country for his ability to deliver customized motivational wellness programs that benefit both businesses and their employees. Kalmon’s uniqueness comes from his ability to offer corporate entertainment that leads into a motivational wellness program. As a motivational speaker, Kalmon coaches his audiences on the importance of personal and professional empowerment.

Healthy, happy, and inspired employees are the ones who maximize their efforts and turn potential into results. Does your team consist of people who can put your company on the front-line for success? Kalmon will customize a corporate entertainment program for them and your business that leads into take-home value!

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