Thursday, March 10, 2011

Will Hypnosis Work for Me?

The answer to that question lies within you. First, you need to understand that HYPNOSIS can't make you do anything! But it can be used as an effective tool to help your subconscious reinforce positive suggestions. Don't look at hypnosis as a quick fix, but rather as a tool in aiding you in your quest for personal and professional development. The greatest benefit does not come from just one session, but rather through consistent repetition. The hypnosis I perform on stage is not magic, although some think it must be. It’s the WORDS that are magic to receptive listener. What you say and do ALWAYS matters. Every word you utter or write begins to frame your reality and a reality for everyone around you. The potential realities are unlimited.

When you relax and focus, you will do better at ALL the goals you set for yourself. However, the things that are your true passion are more likely to generate spectacular and inspired results in ways you can only begin to imagine. Remember, ANYTHING is possible. This simple thought is one of the key elements of my corporate motivational keynote.

Every day, you are hypnotized by the greatest hypnotist of all—yourself. What you say and believe frames your reality. Then you, "The Greatest Hypnotist of All," choose what to repeat to yourself over and over again on a daily basis. If you tell yourself that you cannot do something, your subconscious will make you believe it is fact. If you tell yourself that you are unstoppable, your subconscious will also go to work to prove that true. So, ask yourself, what would you REALLY like to hypnotize yourself to be or do? Now start telling yourself you are thin, rich, organized - whatever! Tell yourself again, and again, and again. As you begin to believe it and feel it, it will find its way to becoming your reality.

Of course, some people are more susceptible than others, usually they are the ones who can attain a full state of relaxation. So, if you're not as successful as you would like at hypnotizing yourself, stop and assess the fear, anxiety, or doubt that is keeping you from relaxing into the suggestions you repeat to your subconscious.
Your subconscious mind is in charge until you rewrite the scripts. Put some effort into getting your subconscious to act on your positive, conscious intentions, instead of your old limiting, unconscious beliefs, and your life will change.

Hypnosis is simple, requiring three basic steps:

Trust. Trust in you. You are The Greatest Hypnotist of All.
Relax. Stop fighting the suggestion and let yourself accept it as reality.
Repeat. Keep reinforcing the suggestions you place in you own mind until they become real.

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