Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SNAP on the Disney Channel airs Thursday, April 26th at 8pm est.

SNAP on the Disney Channel airs Thursday, April 26th at 8pm est.

Disney Channel’s new show called SNAP!, stars Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon. The show gives kids a chance to have some fun with their parents. Ricky Kalmon has amazed audiences around the world performing at theaters and corporate events.  He has also been seen performing on the Disney Cruise Line.  SNAP! is a very unique reality show, where Ricky Kalmon uses hypnosis to solve family issues with good natured fun and comedy.

More about Ricky Kalmon...

For over two decades, Kalmon’s hypnosis show has amazed audiences around the world. Kalmon’s program starts with corporate entertainment that leads into a wellness program that will exceed your expectations on every level. Ricky Kalmon empowers his audience to take control of their lives and teaches them how to change bad habits to good habits and become proactive in their preventive health and wellness. Kalmon’s motto is “Change the way you think, and you can change your world.”™

Ricky Kalmon, the most requested stage hypnotist in the country, offers both clean corporate entertainment and high-level motivation. His comedy hypnosis show will exceed your expectations, while his motivational keynote program will offer take-home value to your team. When it comes to personal and professional empowerment, Ricky Kalmon’s programs reduce stress and create success! Kalmon customizes every program to the needs and interest of each client’s event. Are you tired of the same recycled message? Are you looking for a corporate entertainer with a clean, tasteful show who fits in well with your group? 

Learn more about Ricky Kalmon’s Corporate Entertainment and Motivational Keynote programs at 

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