Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 Reasons Why Ricky Kalmon is the Perfect Choice for Corporate Entetainment

The Ricky Kalmon Experience is an opportunity to…

  1.  Involve your group in a unique audience participation entertainment event
  2.  Widen communications channels and strengthen relationships
  3.  Evolve a unique corporate culture that values the individual
  4. Breath excitement and a sense of fun into everything your employees do
  5.  Create a subconscious awareness for an individual’s growth potential
  6.  High energy, enthusiasm, and excitement that last long after the event is over
  7. A customized show that powerfully weaves your theme or key concepts into the fun
  8. Ice-melting, barrier-dissolving, team-building humor and insight
  9. Interactive experiences – always in good taste
  10. A motivational message can be added to this program

 The perfect choice for Corporate Events. Official Site:

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