Monday, September 24, 2012

Hire Corporate Entertainment in Dallas

Corporate Entertainment in Dallas

Planning a corporate event, incentive trip, conference or meeting in Dallas? Ricky Kalmon offers many customized programs for corporate entertainment in Dallas and motivational keynote speaker programs. We can also suggest corporate event services such as local Dallas talent, celebrity talent, Dallas event production, Dallas event management, Dallas destination management services and Dallas site selection ideas. 

Have you had enough of "so-so" speakers and "just like last time" corporate entertainment? Don’t settle for Dallas corporate entertainment that is dull and not politically correct. Offer your group or clients the ultimate in audience participation in Dallas corporate entertainment. 

How often do you find corporate entertainment that adds so much value? As a motivational speaker, Ricky Kalmon’s programs deliver compelling and inspirational take home value. His techniques offer ways to reduce, cope, and prevent stress. This corporate wellness program is customized to fit your audience. When you hire corporate entertainment and are planning a corporate event you want an entertainer that is clean, high-energy and fits your audience. Ricky Kalmon’s corporate entertainment and Dallas motivational keynote programs will exceed your expectations on every level. Maximize your next event! 

For more information on corporate entertainment in Dallas or in other US cities, contact our office at 888-273-1725 or email us at: 

Make this year’s event truly special. Transform your audience and your event with The Ricky Kalmon Hypnosis Show—it’s the perfect choice for Corporate Entertainment!

A dynamic speaker, Ricky Kalmon does more than entertain. He also enlightens his audience, sharing powerful techniques they can use immediately to transform their lives. Kalmon’s additional motivational keynote called “Unlock the Power Within”™, is customized and designed specifically for your group. This motivational empowerment program will inspire and offer compelling, applicable tools for personal and professional development.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hire Corporate Entertainment with Take Home Value

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, it is essential for businesses to keep employees, sales teams, managers and executives motivated and happy in order to maintain or increase overall productivity. My customized corporate entertainment and motivational wellness programs benefit both businesses and their employees. They'll keep your team motivated as they inspire personal and professional empowerment.

Healthy, happy, and inspired employees maximize their efforts and turn potential into results. Based on your audience and needs, I personally customize my programs, providing your group with take-home elements that will help them to:
Control stress and tension to perform at their fullest potential
Create a positive attitude, happiness, and the ability to overcome challenges
Awaken and inspire their subconscious mind to affirm and attend to their goals, desires, and passions
Inspire confidence

My sessions inspire and empower attendees on a personal and professional level. An exclusive and unique experience, they have the power to change the way you think forever, as stated in my motto: “Change the way you think, and you can change your world.”™

Give your corporate event attendees motivation and the knowledge to create that change with my my Unlock the Power Within Keynote Program. They'll see the results immediately and the take home VALUE for personal and professional growth will benefit them for life. Corporate entertainment with take home value!

Ricky Kalmon