Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You Can’t Afford Not to Do This!

We live in a busy world of dwindling resources, and time is one of them. But what if I told you that in four short minutes, I can show you how to reduce stress and increase your productivity? You can, if you stop what you’re doing right now and let me show you how four minutes can change the way you think and help you to change your world.

Every day, we learn from the news, friends, or through passing conversations that these are difficult times. Usually the stress and tension which result from uncertain times, pressures, deadlines, and other demands are the most frequent topics to follow. With so much on our plate, how can we cope with this frustration and uncertainty? How do we keep it from affecting us and our families?

Never before has it been so important to overcome the challenges before us, which is why I want to provide you with a four-minute technique which will empower you with the ability to reduce stress whenever you need to.

Our thoughts create our reality. If you believe you’re stressed, you will be. If you believe you can’t overcome the challenges before you, you won’t.

The subconscious mind acts on beliefs which have been stored from the day you were born. You’ve accepted many of those beliefs without thinking about them. Others were absorbed when you were too young to choose differently. Many of the beliefs that govern your life may no longer match what you now hold or want to be true.

Nonetheless, the subconscious mind is in charge until you rewrite the scripts. Put some effort into getting your subconscious to act on your positive, conscious intentions, instead of your old limiting, unconscious beliefs, and your life can change dramatically.

Stop feeling defenseless against the challenges of your daily life, and start right now to overcome them. Reducing the effects of stress is first and foremost to providing you with the frame of mind you need in difficult times. That said, let’s get started.

Stop everything you’re doing for four minutes as I show you an easy technique for stress reduction. Remove your mind from distractions and sit quietly. Close your eyes and do nothing but breathe. Inhale slowly and deeply. Hold it for a few seconds and then fully exhale. Feel the air inflate your lungs, filling you with an inner calm and serenity. Release the air, feeling the stress leave your body each time you exhale. Continue for four minutes, breathing in deep, intentional breaths and fully releasing anxiety with each breath. Feel the inner calm and relaxation move through your body from your head to your toes. When you’ve finished, open your eyes. Note the relaxation which has replaced the stress you were feeling. Feel the transformation from being overwhelmed to being rejuvenated.

It Can’t Be That Simple, Ricky.” If that thought popped into your head, you’re not alone. It’s something I hear a lot.

Too often, people think change requires a great deal of time and effort. They dismiss any ideas or techniques which sound too simple, thinking they won’t produce measurable results. But, the beauty of this simple technique is that it is both simple and very effective. When was the last time you made a real effort to de-clutter your mind by doing something as simple, but so effective, as creating a calm and relaxed state of mind?

Don’t take the simplicity for granted. Some of the greatest gifts in life are simple.
As a motivational speaker, I customize my programs for every client and their needs. I invite you to learn more about my programs and techniques by visiting my website, www.RickyKalmon.com, where you can sign up for my free motivational email program. Stress can lead to a variety of health, performance, and emotional issues. Stress can produce headaches, illness, depression, stomach issues, and sleeping problems. It can also lessen productivity and affect your immune system. Reducing stress is not an occasional luxury afforded to a few—it’s a necessity accessible to everyone. Take action now and be accountable.

Ricky Kalmon is a Motivational Speaker, TV Personality and Stage Hypnotist. Kalmon has performed for some of the country’s best college and pro sports teams, such as the USC Football Team, Anaheim Angels, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the St. Louis Cardinals. Millions have watched his TV show SNAP! on the Disney Channel and his appearances on TV Guide Channel, Fox, FX, and HLN – Head Line NewsSome of his corporate clients include AT&T, Philips Healthcare, Enterprise Rent A Car, La Quinta, and Boeing. Kalmon is the creator of the Subconscious Makeover™ System for personal and professional 

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