Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Invest in Your Corporate Team

“A truly human-centered organization puts its people first — even above
customers — because it recognizes that they are the key to creating
long-term value. - June 1, 2014 Article in The New York Times

Invest in your team to enhance a culture of personal and professional accountability. 
Wellness and well-being programs are becoming the rule, not the exception, for corporations that are thriving. Motivated, happy and healthy employees perform better and produce results.  This enhances a culture for long-term success.

The New York Times article, “Why You Hate Work”, asked an important question to employers: “What would make your employees feel more energized, better taken care of, more focused and more inspired?”  My programs offer you the solution.  They go beyond wellness, to reduce stress and burnout and enhance confidence, self-esteem, and customer service, just to name a few of the incredible benefits. For more information on a customized program for your team, visit http://www.rickykalmon.com/motivational-speaker.html

Source: The New York Times - Why You Hate Work

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