Monday, July 21, 2014

Correcting False Misconceptions

No one can be hypnotized against their own will.  It’s also true that under hypnosis, no one will do anything they consider to be immoral or unethical. There has also never been a hypnotized person who was not able to wake up. You also might think that hypnosis is falling asleep or being unconscious.  Well, it is nothing like that.  Hypnosis is nothing more than a state of relaxation, an extension of concentration, or a controlled daydream. Hypnosis will not make you do anything; however, it can give you the mindset needed to achieve your goals and desires. Your willingness and complete cooperation is essential. If you give yourself permission to change, grow and embrace the simplicity, it will exceed your expectations on every level.   It’s about reprogramming your mind to stop thinking you can’t do something and start believing your can! This consent allows your mind to frame the reality you desire.

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