Monday, July 7, 2014

Changing Your Awareness!

Become aware of the thoughts you think and the words you say.  Do you say, “I’ll try,” or do you say, “I will?”  They are two totally different statements.  The first, “I’ll try” acknowledges the negative belief that you might not succeed.  However, “I will” is a positive affirmation that you will successfully fulfill that goal.  Pay attention to the people around you.  Do they support your beliefs or do they discourage them?  Do the books you read reinforce your beliefs?  You have the power to choose the thoughts and suggestions that are recorded in your subconscious.  Are you aware of which ones you’re recording? 

Does that sound too simple?  In many ways, it is.  Yet, it’s nothing short of amazing how you can impact and change your reality by focusing and reinforcing the things you do want and eliminating what you don’t.  There’s no magic formula available which is more powerful than the human mind.  Creating awareness of your mind and the suggestions you feed it can unlock your potential and change your world.

As a motivational speaker, I customize my programs for every client and their needs. I invite you to learn more about my programs and techniques by visiting my website, where you can sign up for my free motivational email program. Stress can lead to a variety of health, performance, and emotional issues. Stress can produce headaches, illness, depression, stomach issues, and sleeping problems. It can also lessen productivity and affect your immune system. Reducing stress is not an occasional luxury afforded to a few—it’s a necessity accessible to everyone. Take action now and be accountable.

Ricky Kalmon is a Motivational Speaker, TV Personality, and Stage Hypnotist.  Kalmon has performed for some of the country’s best college and pro sports teams, such as the USC Football Team, Anaheim Angles, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the St. Louis Cardinals. Millions have watched his TV show, SNAP! on the Disney Channel, and his appearances on TV Guide Channel, Fox, FX,  and HLN – Head Line News.  Some of his corporate clients include AT&T, Philips Healthcare, Enterprise Rent A Car, La Quinta, and Boeing. Kalmon is the creator of the Subconscious Makeover™ System for personal and professional growth.  

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