Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Employee Engagement Creates Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Businesses across the world are seeking ways to establish relationships—with their employees. Whether or not an employee is engaged in their work, the company, and their results has a direct result on their success and the company’s profit margin. 
A Gallup poll showed that just 29 percent of American employees felt they were engaged at work and worldwide only 13 percent felt engaged. Such low levels of engagement not only diminish the level of productivity, but it also affects the level of happiness, accountability, and turnover in employees.
Why? Engaged employees feel a connection with their company. They feel valued and committed to not only do their job, but to do it well. Those who are engaged report high levels of job satisfaction.
Two key factors that affect an employee’s level of engagement are motivation and stress. The more motivated a person is, the more engaged they will be. The more stressed an individual feels, the more disengaged they will be. Both of these factors are affected by the thoughts and perceptions in a person’s subconscious mind.
If an employee has negative beliefs about their abilities, they will lack motivation. It is also true that employees with low self-esteem and confidence are less motivated to do more than necessary and foster healthy working relationships. By changing their negative thoughts to positive ones, these employees can increase their confidence, boost their self-esteem, and uncover the motivators that will enhance their value and happiness in the workplace.
Change the way you think, and you can change the workplace. Use relaxation techniques to reduce stress and increase energy and motivation. Use affirmations to replace doubt with belief to improve performance and build confidence. Take advantage of the power of the subconscious mind to replace negative attitudes with positive thoughts, which in turn will begin to create the positive results you’re seeking. When you perceive your role in a positive light, you’ll become vested in and connected to your company and will become valuable in its success.
Managers also can play a pivotal role in employee engagement and motivation by fostering an environment that rewards employees for their input, feedback, and performance. Providing employees with opportunities to reduce stress and create balance in their lives will greatly enhance engagement in the workplace.
When employee engagement improves, so does job performance and satisfaction, retention, and the bottom line. It creates a mutually beneficial relationship between companies and their employees that is rewarding for all.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The One Business Relationship You Must Keep!

Relationships are a vital part of business. But, there is one relationship that is undervalued and critical to success—the relationship with yourself.

Why should you care about the opinions and criticisms you have of yourself? Because the way you feel about yourself and your performance always impacts the way others perceive you. You will always conduct yourself according to your beliefs, and the people you do business with will align their opinions with yours.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. It’s also true that you can never fool yourself. If you lack confidence and belief in yourself, others will sense it and follow suit. You simply cannot convincingly portray yourself as someone different than your mindset believes you are. Your subconscious mind won’t allow you to do so.

You are a partner of your mindset and beliefs. It’s a working relationship that always impacts your decisions, progress, and most important, the way others perceive you in the workplace. 

Think about someone you admire. What qualities do they have that have earned your admiration and respect? Often, it is self-confidence and belief in their abilities and what they do and say. In other words, they have a positive relationship with themselves.

When you admire your own qualities and abilities, you reinforce them in your subconscious and convey them to others. As a result, you create:
  • More confidence—confidence that people will notice and admire.
  • Trust—you will trust your instincts, decisions, and abilities.
  • Respect—when you respect your opinions, beliefs, and ideas, so will others.
  • Admiration—for yourself and admiration by others.
Your relationship with yourself is the most vital relationship you can focus on in your business success. Other relationships will come and go, but your confidence and belief in yourself is a relationship you cannot separate yourself from. It is the key to taking risks, making decisions, creating growth and progress, and earning the trust and admiration of others.

It is also the one thing that you can control. You cannot control others or how they will perceive you, but you can control and improve the relationship you have with yourself. Strengthen your relationship with yourself, and others will look at you differently. A healthy and confident business relationship with yourself is vital to the success you will have with others. When your self-beliefs are positive, they become a vital partner in your success. And that’s a business relationship worth keeping.


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