Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Best Corporate Entertainment with Take-Home Value

Have you had enough of "so-so" motivational speakers and "just like last time" corporate entertainment? Don’t settle for corporate entertainment that is dull and not politically correct. Offer your audience or clients the ultimate in audience participation and motivational empowerment.

If you are looking for an entertainer for your next corporate event, conference convention or sales meeting, look no further than Ricky Kalmon, the best reviewed entertainer, motivational speaker and hypnotist in the business. Instead of the same old comedian telling the same old jokes, you can book one of the highest-rated corporate entertainers available.

Who is Ricky Kalmon?
Ricky Kalmon has established his reputation over the years as being one of the best entertainers for corporate events in the United States. As a professional hypnotist, Ricky Kalmon has earned accolades from corporations and meeting planners all over the country. His unique style, audience-friendly approach and hypnotic ability will have your employees laughing away and really enjoying themselves from the moment Ricky hits the stage.
With over twenty-eight years’ experience in corporate entertainment and motivational keynote programs, Ricky customizes every program to fit the audience and client’s needs. Ricky has become the top choice for almost any type of corporate events or conference.

Why is Ricky Kalmon Perfect for Your Corporate Event, Conference, or Meeting?
There are a number of reasons why Ricky is in so much demand and has earned top reviews. As the highest-rated stage hypnotist and motivational speaker, Ricky’s programs add take-home value. Ricky is an expert in mindset, employee engagement, personal empowerment, and accountability.  His programs offer not only inspiration, but practical application and techniques to hold individuals accountable toward their own success.

Clean Corporate Entertainment that Offers Motivational Empowerment
Meeting planners are always looking for entertainers who get laughs without using inappropriate language, lewd suggestions, or being politically incorrect. Ricky Kalmon has developed his programs over the years to generate real laughs that appeal to all demographics.  Ricky programs are not about him, but rather your audience.  In addition, Ricky customizes a motivational message into the program based on the audience and the client’s needs.

Interactive Audience Participation
Being a professional hypnotist means that Ricky can bring in the crowd and create great entertainment with his unique skills. Hypnotists are one of the most popular types of entertainers because the laughter is generated through audience participation. His entire presentation is in good taste and in an open format that allows everyone to be entertained.
Motivational Speaker and Empowerment Coach

One of the best aspects of Ricky’s talent is his ability to motivate and inspire his audiences. Top-rated motivational speakers are hard to come by, but Ricky brings that talent, along with an interactive comedy show unmatched by anyone.  
Top-Rated Corporate Entertainment and Excellent Motivational Keynote Reviews
From corporate events to television shows such as SNAP and the Disney Channel, Ricky has built his reputation over time by garnering great reviews wherever he goes. His unique combination of talents, along with his great personality, has won over audiences everywhere.

For your next corporate event, conference, meeting, or special event, hire Ricky Kalmon, who offers the best in entertainment value. Ricky Kalmon has shared his gifts around the country to thousands of people, and your event will definitely benefit from his presence. There is no doubt that Ricky Kalmon is the TV hypnotist and motivational speaker that you want for your next event.
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About Ricky Kalmon:

Ricky Kalmon is a celebrity hypnotist, motivational speaker, and TV personality who has amazed audiences around the world.  The most-requested stage hypnotist for corporate entertainment and special events in the country, Kalmon redefines the art of hypnosis shows. Ricky Kalmon’s motivational programs are inspirational and offer compelling, applicable tools anyone can use in personal and professional development. © Kalmon Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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